Classically the Cadillac region is known for its production of sweet, botrytised wines. However, as the market demanded less and less of these wines, the growers of the area introduced different varieties to make other wine styles.

Wines of this style are really made in the vineyard as opposed to the winery, and are very dependent on the weather conditions. There has to be the right conditions for the grapes to be affected by the botrytis mold in the correct manner.

In some years these wines are easy to make and in others they are a veritable nightmare. It is only in the good years that we make CHÂTEAU CARSIN CADILLAC.


liquoreux150x150Château Carsin Cadillac is completely made from Semillon. This sweet wine is rich in alcohol and sugar. This is a wine that has the orange peel and apricot characters given to the grapes by the mold complemented by some honey and spicy oak. The wine is not always overly luscious, but is fine in style.

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