Because of the diverse nature of the soils in the Côtes de Bordeaux, it is quite normal for a single producer to have vineyard plots dispersed throughout a “commune”. Some parcels are often in other nearby villages. As an indication of how fragmented vineyards can be, most plots are only a fraction of a hectare. We have been able to acquire a large part of Château Carsin’s original vineyards. Larger plots are considerably more economical than small ones because the vine rows are longer and less time is spent maneuvering tractors and machinery.

Many new vineyards have been planted at Château Carsin since we took over the estate (the first vintage was in 1990). The policy was to do all necessary planting from the outset. We have kept some of the best vineyards with old vines, but most of our present vineyards have been re-planted by us.

At this moment (Spring 2017) there is a total of 22 hectares of vineyards. Some of them are up to 5 kilometers from the Château, but most are found within a radius of several hundred meters. 18 hectares are in production as well as about 2 hectares under plantation and about 2 hectares waiting to be planted.

White Grape Varieties – 8,1 hectares:

  • Semillon 2,8 ha
  • Sauvignon Blanc 2,8 ha
  • Sauvignon Gris 2,5 ha

Red Grapes Varieties – 12,1 hectares:

  • Merlot 9,1 ha
  • Cabernet Franc 1,2 ha
  • Malbec 0,8 ha
  • Carmenere 0,5 ha
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 0,3 ha
  • Petit Verdot 0,1 ha