There are 9 employees at Château Carsin:

Juha (most of the French call him monsieur Berglund) is our part-time forklift driver. Managing director when he has his hands in his pockets..

Nea is our winemaker who spends her spare time working with sales, marketing, social media etc. She also studies her Master’s in Vineyard and Winery Management in Bordeaux.

Monsieur Gabillaud is our part-time administrator. He is also the former mayor of the neighbouring commune of Cardan (in other words; very important person, so watch out!).

Pascal (in the picture), who lives in the building attached to the winery, is our general full-back. He is also the unofficial king of leaf plucking. Most of the year Pascal takes care of all the vineyards, bottle stocks and labeling as well as all shipments of wine.

Martine and Soline work most of the time in the vineyard cleaning up the mess that the men have made – ie. manual work. Soline also helps Pascal in the “Meterie” where the labeling and packaging is done.

Sandrine is our secretary coming in twice a week, mostly on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Nicole is our housekeeper and the warm-hearted soul of Carsin.

Jukka is running our office in Finland and therefore takes care of sales, promotions, tastings and whatever is happening there in the North!